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The charitable sort

Hey everybody,

Over the past two or three years, I've taken a great interest in watching various charitable game streams, from the very large (of which I believe the Games Done Quick events take the crown) to the very small.  It always fascinates me how effective such events are at raising money and awareness for good causes; and what a fantastic bit of proof that gaming can be a strong force for good, and not a frivolous waste of time.

That said, I would like to throw my own hat into the charity ring very soon.  The first will likely be a self-hosted stream event, very small and focused, to get a feel for how I can best lend my skills and time to very important causes.  As I already stream a fair amount, the larger effort will center around organizing, planning, and scheduling, along with getting the word out.  No solid idea as to when this will happen, but plans are already in motion.

The second, and something that I am still not 100% positive about doing (yet), is attendance and participation at one of the Games Done Quick events.  Comparatively speaking, my gaming skills are well below what I would consider 'good enough' to justify showcasing at such an event, but there are a few games (and one comes to mind, in particular) that I think I could pull off with a reasonably not-terrible result.  Doing so requires a large commitment of time and money, both of which are already in short supply for other reasons.  Still, I think I would very much enjoy doing so, and I hope enough other items can be aligned in my favor to make it happen.

(Spoiler alert - my current leaning is to take Assault Android Cactus to SGDQ 2017 - but let's keep that a secret between us, okay?)

That's all for now.