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Hello there!

Hello everyone!

I've been on-and-off for many communities for a long time. But here's another start - I'm a guy with a hand in pretty much everything game-dev-related, but I really like programming / coding the best.

Currently working on way too many things at once, but here's a brief list to give you a picture on what's up with me:
- Zero Hour Productions (that's here!) - portfolio site and constant WIP:
- Seeking Infinity (also here!) - video game / game design radio broadcast / podcast (see site above)
- Lots and lots of small/large/huge game projects - many are just in planning / write-stuff-down stages, but right now working most on a small Breakout-esque game to get back up to speed on everything and anything.

That's it for now. When I remember now and again, I'll write something here.