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This year's a bit nuts, but we can deal

Hello everybody,

Wow, this year sure started out fast!  So fast that I totally skipped a January post, the primary reason that I will claim is not due to laziness or ineptitude, but simply waiting for a few things to settle.  Anyway.

There are a bunch of upcoming events and ongoing shenanigans that I want everyone to be aware of, because it involves a wide array of characters, including all of us here at ZHP, and other friends both local and international.

First, Boris has started streaming some of his development.  One of our major goals this year is to get a couple prototypes rolling, insomuch as to have something to actively experiment with, even if it won't be salable or profitable for quite some time.  To that end, both he and I are working on separate projects.  Keep an eye on his stream, and I'll have more info on my project come next month.

Second, there are a few streaming-related things coming up soon that I want to highlight:

  • Early next week - a channel name change; Quest for Semi-Glory will soon be Quest for Semi-Glory - Twitch is (finally) starting to allow changing usernames / URLs without losing anything in the process.  As such, my "personal" channel will become the QfSG main channel, and the test channel (which no-one should theoretically have known about) will become my personal channel.
  • 11 Mar, 11 AM CST (time may not be final) - I am going to attempt an all-android campaign run of Assault Android Cactus.  9-10 hours straight, with a high likelihood of having zero sanity at the end; or, more likely, near the middle.
  • 26 Mar, 8 AM CDT (yes, daylight savings shifts a couple weeks prior) - myself and a bunch of other AAC speedrunners will be having a 3v3v3 campaign run relay race.  More details to come closer to the event (like where and how to watch, etc), but it's guaranteed to be a good time.  You have my word.

Thirdly, submissions for SGDQ 2017 are opening soon.  I will be honoring my commitment to submit Assault Android Cactus for the event, in collaboration with others from the AAC Speedrunning community.  We're going to submit multiple variations, including a solo campaign run, 2P co-op campaign run, and two- (and/or three-) way campaign race.  Because of time and money restrictions, if AAC is not accepted, I will not be able to attend the event...but here's hoping it does, so that I can justify the trip.

Fourth, Tormod (and Saxxon) will begin streaming stuff soon!  Their focus is on speedrunning some classic SNES games, as well as casual playthroughs of other things.

That's all for now.