Journey 2, Episode 12 - Backlit Memories

Date aired: 

28 Sep 2012

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Intro background: 00:03:25 Yasunori Mitsuda - Opening - Xenosaga OST
  • Ryu Umemoto (in memory)
  •  006 and Geo for helping Tormod land a new job!
  • To everyone who supports human creativity
  • Site - all J2 episodes available to stream
  • Show - none
  • Stream - none
  • Kickstarters: ScrumbleShip, Project Eternity
  • Google launches Nexus 7 in Asia, complete with Schmidt's Gangnam Style dancing
  • Chat program Digsby lands on GitHub, now open source
  • Game Genome Project discovery engine announced, helps find a game to match your mood and likes
  • Laser-cut reproduction of NES Donkey Kong takes controller input; only allows barrel-jumping thus far
  • NES light gun modded to include 2W laser; can set matches alight from a distance
  • nVidia to provide documentation for Tegra graphics core, aiming to prove its open-source commitment
  • Chicago considering gigabit fiber
  • Google search data can be used to predict how well new video games will sell, according to "Understanding the Modern Gamer" study
  • 11-year-old wins $20k for creating app that deters people from texting while driving.. with animal noises
  • Engadget posts instructions on how to play Atari 2600 games via Raspberry Pi, including software configurations and requisite hardware changes
  • SpryFox v. 6Waves Lolapps - Yeti Town substantially similar to Triple Town; motion to dismiss claim denied
  • New Zealand Prime Minister John Key apologizes to Kim Dotcom for illegal spying before his indictment
  • Apple seeks patent for Siri, patents in-screen speakers, flexible displays, and tactile keyboards for future iDevices
  • LG targets Samsung for OLED display technology patent suit
  • California law passed to ban employers from asking for social media passwords
What are we playing?
  • Mr. Bond:
    • PC - Pulsen
    • Mobile - none
    • Console - Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3, Minecraft: 360 Edition
  • Tormod:
    • PC - none
    • Mobile - none
    • Console - Minecraft: 360 Edition
Upcoming/Recent Hardware: 00:17:16
  • Sony to support PS3 through 2015
  • Wii U will have region lock
  • Oculus Rift dev kits up for normal pre-order - $300
  • Second generation Razer Blade gaming laptop scorches first-gen, adds Kepler graphics, unannounced i7 CPU, more RAM, and other goodies; retails for nearly $2500
Upcoming/Recent Software: 00:19:36
  • Humble Bundle 6 adds more games
  • Steam Linux private external beta opening soon - 1k users to be involved
  • 23 Wii U games slated for console's launch
  • Indie Royale Oktoberfest bundle
  • Other releases
  • Bad Piggies takes top spot in App Store just three hours after its debut
  • Google adds mouse lock to Chrome 22 to aid 3D shooters
  • Notch spits in the face of Microsoft, refusing to 'certify' Minecraft for the Windows 8 app store, telling the company to "stop trying to ruin the PC as an open platform"
  • Jetpack Joyride now available on Google Play store for free, after Amazon Store exclusivity agreement ended
  • Metal Gear Rising collector's edition includes Raiden sword lamp
Song set #1: 00:29:47
Section #1: 00:42:04 From scratch - RTS
Song set #2: 00:58:22
Section #2: 01:06:03 Redux of existing game - Starcraft, Final Fantasy 12
Song set #3: 01:20:56
Section #3: 01:33:54 Audience interaction - 1st / 2nd / 3rd person perspectives
Song set #4: 01:53:07
Section #4: 02:05:43 Unbounded by technology - RTS
Outro background: 02:29:42 Yasunori Mitsuda - Omega - Xenosaga OST