Round 40 - Big Four-Oh

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16 Dec 2016

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Around the World:  00:11:13

  • Doom can now run on the Touch Bar of the new MacBook Pro
  • Major update for No Man's Sky released, with another on the way
  • Sony held their PSX event; major hype for Kojima's next two games
  • Global Virtual Reality Association - Google, Oculus, Sony, HTC, Samsung, Aer forming industry group to "promote responsible development and adoption of VR globally"
  • SteamVR to get Mac/Linux support "within a few months"
  • Virtuix refunds Omni preorders for non-US customers, citing shipping / maintenance costs; adds 3% interest per year, compounded monthly, to refunds
  • Twitch streamers gather at the White House on 12 Dec to insurance awareness?
  • More details of Nintendo Switch revealed by patent applications and appearance on The Tonight Show; official reveal still slated for 12 Jan
  • "Super Nintendo World" coming to Universal Studios Japan
  • NES Mini "console" sells out - as many in 30 days as the Wii U in 6 months
  • Final Fantasy XV released; polarizing reviews, but the fastest-selling yet for the franchise
  • Doom: The Board Game released
  • Unknown Realm Kickstarter - game primarily targeting the original Commodore 64 (with a PC port planned)
  • AMD renames new CPU platform from Zen to Ryzen, announces Radeon Instinct at AMD Tech Summit

Bonus Level 1:  00:41:01

Personal Gaming:  00:52:55

  • The Witness (PC; Quest for Semi-Glory; now in progress)
  • A huge number of others, in support of #GivingAFlock
  • Assault Android Cactus (weekly speedrun practice)
  • Bravely Default (3DS)
  • Find Mii 2 (3DS)
  • World of Warcraft (PC)
  • Dance Dance Revolution (arcade)
  • Cards Against Humanity (card)
  • Pathfinder (tabletop)

Bonus Level 2:  01:16:07

Ad-hoc Design: 01:26:00

  • RPG in- and out-of-battle party management
  • Non-violent puzzle platformer
  • Momentum-based side scrolling shooter

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Fri, 16 Dec 2016 19:00:00 CST