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What is a Boris and what does it do?

My debut blog post for Zero Hour Productions... Feels like I should say something monumental... But who wants to hear that?

My name is Geoff Wild, nickname --> Boris. I love my family (wife, daughter, and unborn son), video games, and hockey. 

Now commence with the "borigin" story...

I first fell in love with video games, like many other kids from my era, with NES games. Started simple with Super Mario Bros, and Duckhunt then worked my way to other games. Most of them were simple in nature. I loved playing Blades of Steel. I would rig a tie in games just to do the shootouts at the end because I was cool like that. I never actually owned an SNES, but instead went straight for N64. Like many kids that received an N64 for Christmas, my brother and I went crazy Christmas morning seeing that. I spent all day playing Diddy Kong Racing

I didn't have many friends outside of school. I preferred my solitude of video games once I hit middle school. I had friends at school, friends at hockey, and they didn't intertwine much outside of those realms - unless gaming was involved. I delved into all sorts of games. Resident Evil became an instant hit with me, starting when Resident Evil 2 came out for the N64. Then there was my obsession with all things Star Wars - this continues today, and I'm damn sure my daughter will love it too. FPS, RTS, RPG - all of these things took up most of my time.

Was I the best at doing my homework? No, not at all... School was boring to me. Video games provided a unique challenge to me. There were so many puzzles to solve, and so many varieties in games that I found it hard to not gravitate towards them. 

Hell, I met my wife for two reasons: hockey and video games! She loved playing Donkey Kong Country 2, Mr. Bond happened to have an SNES in our dorm room, she found out I played hockey, we watched Talladega Nights, and the rest is history - sorry if this drives Mr. Bond to drink. My wife and I still like to play games together when we find the time. Our favorite together is the Lego Harry Potter series. Of course now, one of us is always falling asleep when we play it, and it's not just me anymore.

I will continue with this story later. Tune in for the next episode of "What is a Boris and what does it do?" I will be going more into my past, and how it influences my passion.

- Boris