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Programming is awesome

...and I mean, really awesome.

Having done some small amount of C++ work in my free time over the past week, it feels really great to be back and doing what I love to do. I forgot how much fun just working with raw code can be.

At any rate, I'm making steady progress on my Breakout-esque game. It'll be very similar to the Atari classic. Seems like a good warm-up for a lot of different game-dev-related things. It will probably look pretty bad, graphics-wise, 'cuz I ain't no super-creative person or anything.

I'm really pumped about it though, because I like working on it even though I haven't done any game asset work on it yet. It's all core engine and framework code for now. I'm building a custom engine with SDL and OpenGL, because premade engines wouldn't be as educational (and they're for sissies, duh).

...but seriously, when I'm doing much larger stuff, I'll probably use a real game engine, because at that point I won't want to muck around with lower-level functions. I like Unity already, because it's cross-platform for just about everything (including Linux as of version 4, yay!).

That's all for now.