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Blasts from the past

So, yeah, remember how I said I did some modding for Unreal Tournament back in the day?

I was peeling through some of my really old files, and I (re)discovered all the stuff I used to work on. Made me think back to those days and how much fun it was. Sadly, I likely won't get back to doing any work on that stuff. But, rather than hoard it all for myself, why not put it up here and let other people enjoy it (or at least derive humor from it)?

This is all just the stuff I actually released into the wild. I have much, much more unreleased stuff, which I may put up here, as well, after I become 100% more organized than I am now. It's a miracle I hung onto it in the first place.

Quick run-down - these are all available from a basic listing - no warranty, no guarantee that they work, and not fit for any purpose other than entertainment (blah blah blah):
- Dibs v1
- Enhanced Jump v1
- No Dodge v1
- Perfect Dark Mod Beta v3 (plus accompanying maps)
- Projectile Swapper v1
- QuickMatch v3
- Volatile Health v1

That's all for now.