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Doing the Right Thing(tm)

Hello everybody!

Something very curious happened this week, an event that I feel compelled to write about; if not for it's irregularity, then for the lift it has brought to my spirits.

I've said in the past that I often forget about the various rewards and incentives attached to bundles and Kickstarter projects I fund. Not that I don't care, but simply because such things are not the primary reason I back them.

Well, this week, I was reminded about one of them in possibly the most pleasant of ways, by receiving that reminder with the promise of another gift. Specifically - because I was one of the top contributors of Game Music Bundle 4, and the physical items associated with that had not yet arrived, the next Game Music Bundle (plus an extra game) to be released would be given to me, free of charge.

Now, I'll disclaim that (and you can believe me or not), when I back these various projects, I don't do it for the bonuses or whatever attached to them. I like the projects for what they are, what they can offer, the potential they possess. The extra stuff? Yeah, it's nice, it truly is (and it's a bummer that sometimes they get delayed).

Back to the Game Music Bundle thing - I wasn't angry that the bonuses hadn't arrived; I certainly understand that delays happen, and like I said, I forgot about them entirely. The reminder itself, from the Game Music Bundle organizers, was apologetic and reassuring, and already embodied doing the "Right Thing" in every sense of the phrase. The attachment of the next Bundle, for free? That...blew my mind.

It's something we don't see often enough, in this age of Interwebs, and World Wide Nets, and what-have-you - an honest, concerted effort to fulfill an obligation and topping it with extra awesome. Kudos, congratulations, and deepest thanks to the Game Music Bundle organizers for putting forth such a stellar effort in their past, current, and (undoubtedly) future offerings.

As for the Game Music Bundle itself, the next one is well and truly ready - all OSTs for all the BIT.TRIP series games. I cannot recommend them enough; though I am cautious about giving my personal endorsement to just anything (as little as it means, at any rate) - I would strongly encourage you to at the very least check them out.

I have an extra bundle to give away, now, too - despite getting this one for free, I quite happily bought it again. So, the question is, to whom shall I pay this forward?

That's all for now.