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The year that was, the year that is to be

Hello everybody,

2016 is nearly finished, and as we say goodbye to yesteryear, now seems an opportune time to review the year that was:


We've finally incorporated!  As of July, Zero Hour Productions became a bona-fide LLC.  This doesn't really change what we're doing now, but it opens us up to more complicated tax situations, official separated accounts, and all sort of goodies we were only tentatively working around in the past.

PAX West

We returned to PAX West for 2016, and this time brought Saxxon along with us.  It was a fantastic time, seeing friends (both old and new), games, upcoming hardware, and just having a generally positive time.  Unfortunate though it is, time and finances dictate that (at least for me), PAX attendance will be limited to once every other year.  D'oh.

Upticks in streaming

On a personal note, I continued to keep Quest for Semi-Glory on a regular schedule.  This past November saw a huge increase in the frequency of streaming, particularly in support of a month-long charity stream event (#GivingAFlock), and October prompted the addition of an extra day to the weekly schedule for speedrun practice.  More on both these elements are planned for 2017; continue reading below!

Also, I'm running a late-2016/early-2017 survey to gather feedback on the stream as a whole; so if you have time (even if you're not a viewer), please take a few minutes to help me out!

...but, all of the above is not to say 2016 was the be-all / end-all for us; we've got lots of plans for 2017:

New prototype(s?) ahead

The start of 2017 will see the start of development on a small gameplay prototype.  We pulled some ideas from our previous project (Auspice), boiled it down, and will re-package it as a small one-off project to prove the concepts are sound and fun.  Expect many iterations on this, and if it goes well, many such prototypes covering a wide array of different gaming aspects.

New charity push(es)

With a new charity / streaming experience under the belt, it's time to ramp up our participation level on that front.  We're planning on running our own charity event at some point in the coming year.  Not many details to be shared yet, but know that it will include games, good times, and good fun.

New streaming

Tormod and Saxxon have both made a significant push toward setting up for their own streams.  While I can't reveal much more detail than that (they are curiously tight-lipped about it), expect something to come about in the next year - hopefully sooner rather than later!

SGDQ appearance?

Part of the purpose of starting speedrun practice this year was to prepare for submitting Assault Android Cactus for a GDQ event.  Unfortunately, it was declined for AGDQ 2017, but we're hopeful a fresh submission for SGDQ 2017 will have better luck!  If it gets accepted, I will be attending, and hopefully doing some running!

That's all for now.