Journey 2, Episode 18 - Quick, Spew Something Out!

Date aired: 

30 Nov 2012

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Intro background: 00:03:25 Jason Hayes, Tracy W Bush, Derek Duke, Glenn Stafford - Elwynn Forest - World of Warcraft OST
  • The Midwest FurFest crew for making an amazing convention
  • Farran, Cheesecake, Innerwolf, and many more who made the convention weekend incredible
  • The listeners, who've had to wait for nearly a month for another show
  • Participants in recent Twitter hashtag #1ReasonWhy - many interesting perspectives on sexism in the game industry (and plenty of trolls, too)
  • Site - steady influx of blogs
  • Show - more aggressive trimming of content
  • Stream - continuing updates to song selection
  • Senate committee approves bill requiring warrants for e-mail obtained from the cloud
What are we playing?
  • Mr. Bond:
    • Console - Spelunky, Double Dragon Neon, New Super Mario Bros. U, Mario Kart Wii (new record!)
  • Tormod:
    • PC - Final Fantasy 7
    • Console - Mario Kart Wii (same record as above!), Mario Kart: Double Dash!, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, New Super Mario Bros. Wii U, Nintendoland, Spelunky, Final Fantasy 8
Upcoming/Recent Hardware: 00:24:23
Upcoming/Recent Software: 00:28:58
Section #1: 00:50:07 From scratch - MMORPG
Section #2: 01:18:34 Redux of existing game - RotMG, Ragnarok Online
Song set #3: 01:39:11
Section #3: 01:53:00 Audience interaction - Unofficial game servers
Section #4: 02:25:46 Unbounded by technology - MMORPG
Audience requests: 02:41:48
Outro background: 02:45:29 Jason Hayes, Tracy W Bush, Derek Duke, Glenn Stafford - Dun Morogh - World of Warcraft OST