Journey 2, Episode 15 - Party Over Here

Date aired: 

19 Oct 2012

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Intro background: 00:03:25 Yoshito Hirano - Nell's Theme - Advance Wars: Dual Strike OST
  • (former) Hudson Soft - great work on Mario Party series
  • The folks at Tormod's new job for being extremely patient and for providing a host of new opportunities
  • To those who don't give up on their dreams, and instead, push toward impossible goals
  • Site - more minor fixes
  • Show - getting closer to live gameplay broadcasts
  • Stream - none
  • Project Eternity exceeds Double Fine Adventure, becomes most-funded video game on Kickstarter
  • Kickstarter: Divine Space
  • Strike Suit Zero devs look to the Kickstarter community for additional funds in their last months before release, with $XXk of their $100k goal already met with 28 days left to go
  • Delta Six rifle-esque game controller gets redesigned to look less realistic, ambles over to Kickstarter, looking for $500k. It'll support OUYA, consoles, and PC.
  • Mobile game developer TinyCo launches revenue sharing program for developers that successfully drive them traffic
  • Indie Games for Good marathon began at noon Central time today, shoving all benefits toward Child's Play
  • EA founder Trip Hawkins goes on record, saying game consoles market will become a 'niche' and inevitably shrink to the wayside; traditional gaming sales drop 24% in September
  • Report published by the Dutch Institution for Information Law and CentERdata reveals that file sharers are more likely to pay for media content than those who do not download: 30% more music, for example
  • IndieGoGo: The Pit
  • Kickstarter success / failure? Haunt: The Manse Macabre - successfully funded, but now out of money
  • More books added to the Humble eBook Bundle
  • Good Old Games now supports OS X for 50 titles
  • Zynga sues its own former employee, Alan Patmore, the man who deserted for Kixeye, for theft of trade secrets and breach of contract
  • Zynga settles with PyramidVille developer prior to trial
  • Foxconn found to be using interns as young as 14 to test the Wii U console before launch; Nintendo goes after Foxconn in an attempt at a PR self-rescue
  • Apple's attempt at a U.K. appeal of the "Galaxy Tab not cool enough" ruling fails
  • New MegaUpload will "deflect copyright liability and become raid-proof"
  • Pirate Bay moves to the cloud, also becomes "raid-proof"
What are we playing?
  • Mr. Bond:
    • PC - none
    • Mobile - none
    • Console - Double Dragon Neon
  • Tormod:
    • PC - none
    • Mobile - none
    • Console - Double Dragon Neon
Upcoming/Recent Hardware: 00:26:59
  • Wii price drops to $129 with bundled Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort
  • Raspberry Pi Model B bumped to 512 MB RAM, same price ($30)
  • Xbox 360 bundles upcoming for holiday season, including $50 price break on hardware
  • MG Android gaming handheld now available for $150 pre-order; ships early November
  • CyberPower unveals Fang III Taipan SLI gaming notebook, defaulting to a $1819 configuration, including a 2.4GHz i7, 16GB of DDR3, a 60GB SSD and 1TB platter drive, an Onkyo sound system with subwoofer, and a pair of GTX 670s in SLI driving a 17.3" 1080p display
  • Wii U GamePad latency revealed to be 1/60th of a second in the latest Nintendo Power
Upcoming/Recent Software: 00:31:45
  • Square Enix: Chaos Rings will not work on rooted Android phones (claimed as technical issue)
  • 21 more games hit Steam Greenlight
  • Steam Greenlight adds non-game section and "concepts" section for unfinshed submissions; free to post
  • Indie Royale Fall Bundle
  • Magical Drop V releases for PC on 15 November via Steam
  • Xbox Music launch imminent, will cover Xbox, Windows 8, and Windows Phone devices
  • 17 October PlayStation Store update off to a rocky start due to speed issues
  • 360 Dashboard update launched on Tuesday, including the first public release of Internet Explorer 10 on the platform
Section #1: 00:48:26 From scratch - board/card
Section #2: 01:09:04 Redux of existing game - Mario Party (series), Dokapon Kingdom
Section #3: 01:42:02 Audience interaction - linearity
Section #4: 02:07:57 Unbounded by technology - board/card
Outro background: 02:32:11 Yoshito Hirano - For the Good of All People - Advance Wars: Dual Strike OST