Journey 2, Episode 13 - Three Round Dots

Date aired: 

05 Oct 2012

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Intro background: 00:03:25 Masakazu Sugimori - Dick Gumshoe, It's Detective Gumshoe - Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney OST
  • Cliff Bleszinski - good luck out there
  •  006 and Heather and their upcoming baby 95%-sure-it's-a-girl!
  • Square, for forcing Tormod to play tower defense minigames
  • Site - couple of minor fixes
  • Show - no more echo in Mumble audience participation
  • Stream - none
  • Kickstarters: Impulse
  • UT2k4 UT^2, Mirror Bot bots judged as human players 52% of the time
  • Homestuck Adventure Game closes at 3rd-highest Kickstarter game project
  • Savonet hops on the GitHub train, adding all of their projects, including our stream content generator, Liquidsoap
  • Mobile game dev Crowdstar promotes former general product manager Jeffrey Tseng to CEO
  • UK's Egmont Publishing secures non-U.S. rights deal for Minecraft literature
  • Sony shutting down PSP Comic Store after 30 October
  • Xbox Music supposedly launching on 26 October - for free
  • New Xbox Live Rewards program encourages gamers to play more Xbox - finally use for dickhat points
  • Maine state senate candidate chastised for her gaming habits
  • PBS airs mini documentary on Indie game development
  • Nielsen reports that game consoles spur men to use television more; women dominate with traditional viewing
  • 38 Studios will not face federal charges
  • Philippines passes the Cybercrime Prevention Act, criminalizing online libel, also allowing the government to shut down websites hosting this content
  • California Governor Jerry Brown has vetoed a privacy bill that would have required a warrant before tracking a citizen's mobile device
  • Google/Motorola withdraws ITC complaint to ban all Apple imports
  • Iranians successfully demand Gmail be unblocked
  • Motorola scores legal victory in a patent case against Microsoft in Germany, stating that Motorola did not infringe upon a Microsoft patent that enables applications to work on multiple handsets
  • Zynga reports preliminary third-quarter results: losing nearly $500K per day post-OMGPOP acquisition; shares decline 20% overnight from Thursday to Friday to all-time low; Words With Friends co-creators leave company
  • U.S. federal judge asks for input over the fate of orphaned Megaupload data
  • Telecom engineers investigating Internet irregularities weeks before New Zealand's Government Communications Security Bureau said it started spying on him
  • Oracle appeals ruling in lawsuit over Google's use of Java
  • Samsung files patent suit against Apple's iPhone 5
What are we playing?
  • Mr. Bond:
  • Tormod:
    • PC - Breath of Death VII - The Beginning
    • Mobile - None
    • Console - None
Upcoming/Recent Hardware: 00:35:28
  • Linux kernel 3.7 to support Nintendo Wii Balance Board
  • Nintendo releasing 3 new 3DS XL bundles in Japan, including Monster Hunter Tri G/black console, Animal Crossing: Jump Out/white and pattern console, or New Super Mario Bros. 2/black and red patterned console, all ranging between ~$280 and $290
  • Pikachu 3DS XL coming to Europe this year
  • Sony reportedly considering a PS3/Vita bundle in the future
  • Razer's Project Fiona gaming tablet confirmed for production, packing a ULV i7 processor, unspecified dedicated graphics, two analog sticks, and traditional console buttons into a 1280x800 capacitive multitouch 10.1" design
Upcoming/Recent Software: 00:26:07
  • Linux kernel 3.6
  • Resident Evil 6
  • XCOM Enemy Unknown - interactive YouTube trailer
  • Steam now offers more than just games - game dev software
  • EA cancels NBA Live 13
  • Mass Effect title for mobile - Infiltrator
  • Other releases
  • Rovio announces its first book app, based on Angry Birds
  • Minecraft: 360 Edition getting Creative Mode and more in its next update
  • FIFA 13 for Wii little more than a roster update: fans angry
  • Madden 13 releases on 16 October, adding career mode features
  • Sales for WoW expansion 'Mists of Pandaria' reach 2.7M units
  • Resident Evil 6 sales top 4.5M units
  • Medal of Honor: Warfighter's single-player mission 'Shore Leave' will put players in Somalia
  • Assassin's Creed 3 DLC will offer alternate history with 'Evil George Washington' scenario
  • Sony announces Resistance collection for PS3, including 'the best DLC' for $40
  • Paper Mario: Sticker Star coming to Europe on 7 December
  • PlayStation Mobile launches for PS Vita and select Android devices
  • Rovio/Star Wars teaser hints at crossover announcement on 8 October
Section #1: 01:09:41 From scratch - tower defense
Song set #2: 01:30:17
Section #2: 01:40:48 Redux of existing game - Revenge of the Titans, Final Fantasy 6
Section #3: 02:23:16 Audience interaction - minimalism in sound
Section #4: 03:00:04 Unbounded by technology - tower defense
Outro background: 03:16:40 Masakazu Sugimori - Cross Examination, Allegro 2001 - Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney OST


_006's picture


I would disagree on epic music for the final battle with Solid Snake - I agree overall if it's an unimportant single battle in the game music should not be that important - but in that game that specific battle is the culmination of the entire series, in a sense, so the orchestral epic-ness is in a way enhancing and emphasizing what is at stake in that battle. I personally think it was well done, at that point at least.

Tormod's picture

In RPGs, having music

In RPGs, having music accompany things is the modus operandi, which we've all become accustomed to. If a game doesn't have music for a fight, I immediately know that it's... different. As for final fights, consider "Dancing Mad" as perhaps the most amazing 'final boss' track ... ever!

Now, for other genres, I still think the inclusion or requirement of natural sounds rather than having background tracks would be a refreshing change - *OR* to at least have the ability to adjust the volumes of the various tracks (primary voice, sound effects, BGM, etc).

_006's picture


Great idea - basically, ROTMG in reverse - instead of charging in to attack the Gods, and eventually the Mad God, why not make it a tower defense?

You have a main castle and outer defenses, and players join in and help defend. Maybe we should contact Wild Shadow Studios?

Tormod's picture

It could certainly be done,

It could certainly be done, and that, again, would utilize the beauty that is parallel gaming. Quite a few games could be made with many of the same general premises as ROTMG.