Journey 2, Episode 11 - Into the Shadows

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21 Sep 2012

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Intro background: 00:03:25 Hayato Matsuo - Abyss - Final Fantasy 12 OST
  • Leigh Alexander - thought-provoking articles / op-eds
  • Sir Skippy and his bride-to-be: congratulations!
  • Senju Akira, for one of the best soundtracks that Tormod's heard in a long time (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
  • All those who push forward every day, striving to improve the lives of others
  • Site - color, layout, and content additions / changes
  • Show - none
  • Stream - none
  • Project Holodeck gains Razer sponsorship, transfers same hardware usage to PS Move
  • 22 Sep is Independent Game Development Day in Massachusetts, U.S.
  • Twitch TV raises additional $15M from Bessemer venture partners, hopes to continue to score on growing e-sports trend
  • Google+ Hangouts now show joins and parts by name
  • Twitter announces new tech on the TODAY Show, as tech furthers its adventure into the mainstream
  • Zynga buys A Bit Lucky, attempts to break into the mid-core gaming market
  • Kickstarter makes official announcement regarding hardware ideas: "We are not a store"
  • Tokyo Game Show 2012 occurred from 20-23 September in Chiba, Japan
  • Researchers create working quantum bit in a single atom of silicon, marking another divergent path for future computing
  • Hacker Ben Heck improves Kinect accuracy with a kind of 'power glove', powered by Arduino, an accelerometer, and gyroscope
  • BioWare founders retiring, moving on to ventures outside the game industry
  • In Germany, Apple loses patent suit against Samsung and Motorola regarding touch event patents
  • Google warned of more antitrust issues in Europe, as competition commissioner says Google's concessions to rivals aren't enough
  • Facebook turns off facial recognition "tag suggest" feature in EU, per recommendation
  • California and 11 other states now allow online voter registration: GO DO IT
  • Patent complaint filed against Rackspace for hosting GitHub: Rackspace fights back against patent trolls and the stifling of innovation (
  • Microsoft wins injunction against Motorola in German court regarding "soft input panel system and method" patent
  • Samsung confirms plans to sue Apple over LTE in the iPhone 5
What are we playing?
  • Mr. Bond:
    • PC - none
    • Mobile - Temple Run
    • Console - Mass Effect 2
  • Tormod:
    • PC - Netflix?
    • Mobile - More Netflix?
    • Console - Now With 150% More Netflix?
Upcoming/Recent Hardware: 00:21:43
  • New PS3 hardware refresh - smaller, 250 GB / 500 GB models
  • 3DS XL to receive its own circle pad extension accessory
  • First rumors of AMD's new 88xx series video cards
  • iPhone 5 goes on sale: A6 chip hopes to create even a more demanding, immersive gaming experience
  • Sony's HMZ-T2 3D headset unveiled, creates the illusion of a large 3D television 4-6' in front of the wearer
  • Razer's customizable 360 arcade stick reappears at TGS with notable hardware tweaks, but still lacks a name
  • Two new PS Vita colors unveiled: Sapphire Blue and Cosmic Red
  • PowerA's MOGA Bluetooth Android controller launching on 21 October
  • Raspberry Pi's new turbo mode boosts performance by nearly 50% and doesn't void the device warranty
  • Sony PSP prices drop ~12% in Japan
  • Valve's first hardware beta starting by next year
Upcoming/Recent Software: 00:27:23
  • Indie Royale Back to School Bundle
  • Humble Indie Bundle 6
  • Pulsen reaches r0012
  • Other releases
  • Unity Engine to be brought to Wii U
  • Stan Lee teams up with Moonshark to create his first mobile game, Verticus
  • Razer Game Booster private beta goes live, works to optimize your PC for various gaming experiences
  • Sales numbers for Terry Cavanagh's Super Hexagon reveal that nearly 45K copies have been distributed
Section #1: 00:51:33 From scratch - roguelikes
Section #2: 01:25:31 Redux of existing game - Reaping the Dungeon, Final Fantasy 12
Section #3: 02:10:01 Audience interaction - alternative cooperative modes (inspired by this Gamasutra article by Leigh Alexander)
Section #4: 02:41:30 Unbounded by technology - roguelikes
Outro background: 02:55:32 Hitoshi Sakimoto - To the Place of the Gods - Final Fantasy 12 OST