Journey 2, Episode 10 - Target Acquired

Date aired: 

14 Sep 2012

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Intro background: 00:03:24 Jake Kaufman - City Streets 1 (Double Dragon 1 - Mission 1) - Double Dragon Neon OST
  • Jake Kaufman, a.k.a. virt - phenomenal job on Double Dragon Neon OST
  • Everyone who listens, creates, critiques, and lives unashamedly
  • Kit and Elise for housing me (Tormod) this last weekend for Geek Kon
  • Sir Skippy and his wench for reasons
  • Every Bulgarian ever
  • Site: front page re-org, added Tormod's tweets, true About / Contact page (with bios), VPS upgraded
  • Show: considering splitting and / or shortening episodes
  • Stream: none
  • Kickstarters: Pro Pinball, Homestuck, Planetary Annihilation
  • Kirby 20th Anniversary
  • Double Dragon 25th Anniversary
  • McPixel uses TPB for advertisement
  • PAX Prime 2012, held in Seattle, went from 31 August to 2 September, and was a smashing success
  • Geek Kon 2012, held back home in Madison, went from 7-9 September, and was a disappointing flop
  • Hacker Chad Ruble uses Kinect to help his mother compose emails after she has a stroke
  • 2012 "Year of the Game" at Kickstarter, with $50M raised for various projects
  • Valve officially launches Steam Greenlight, setting developers back a one-time $100 fee, donated to Child's Play
  • Cambodia deports TPB cofounder to Sweden
  • ArmA devs arrested in Greece for espionage
  • Samsung and HTC threaten Apple with 4G patent infringement lawsuit, promise to demand sales ban of iPhone 5 in the US
  • Apple wins injunction against Motorola in Germany over 'rubber-banding' patent
What are we playing?
  • Mr. Bond:
    • PC - none
    • Mobile - Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
    • Console - Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, Double Dragon Neon
  • Tormod:
    • PC - none
    • Mobile - New Super Mario Bros. 2, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
    • Console - Mario Kart Wii
Upcoming/Recent Hardware: 00:26:04
  • Playstation Wonderbook
  • MG - kid-based Android gaming device
  • Tabeo - toddler-targeted tablet
  • SteelSeries Free smartphone game controllers
  • Wikipad - $500 at GameStop, 31 Oct
  • Nintendo Wii U release date is 18 November: $299 basic version (white console, 8GB, gamepad, sensor bar, HDMI cable, AC adapters), and $349 Deluxe Edition (32GB, charging cradles, free copy of Nintendoland, and Deluxe Digital Promotion)
  • Wii U consoles will be expandable with user-provided storage mediums via USB
  • Additional Wii U gamepads will not be sold on launch, but will be available later on once games support multiple controllers
  • Wii U games to be priced at $59.99, Pro Controller at $49.99
  • More than 50 games will launch with the Wii U
  • Nintendo will continue to sell the existing Wii console
  • Neo Geo X price set at $130
  • Toys R Us Tabeo kids gaming tablet coming in October for $150
Upcoming/Recent Software: 00:28:39
  • Indie Royale Getaway Bundle
  • Zynga: Farmville 2, Montopia, getting into online gambling
  • Steam Greenlight - first batch of 10 games
  • Rovio - Bad Piggies spinoff, 27 Sep
  • Torque 3D engine to go open source
  • Agawi to work on Windows 8, mid-core and hardcore games
  • Steam Big Picture Mode enters beta
  • Hulu Plus updated on PS3 on 10 September
  • PlayStation Plus cloud storage increase coming with system update v4.25
Song set #1: 00:37:46
Section #1: 00:51:37 From scratch - FPS
Song set #2: 01:23:43
Section #2: 01:40:40 Redux of existing game - Pathways Into Darkness, Halo
Song set #3: 02:01:46
Section #3: 02:11:54 Audience interaction - SP v. MP
Section #4: 02:40:01 Unbounded by technology - FPS
Outro background: 02:54:14 Jake Kaufman - Lab 1 (Double Dragon 2 - Mission 1) - Double Dragon Neon OST


_006's picture

Unlimited Weapons

I agree that it's nice to pull out whatever weapon you want during a fight, but I personally like where you can use whatever weapons you want based on some other sort of limit. I like the Resident Evil setup for weapons: you can carry whatever weapons you want, as long as you have room in your attache case - this doesn't limit you to 1 or 3 weapons, but it does add to the tension and suspense of the games. Not too limiting, but still realistic - just a personal preference.

_006's picture

Multiple Weapons

Had a thought - we can incorporate what you want (carry whatever weapons you want) but incorporate the realism that the more you carry, the slower you'll move and more fatigued you will get. Thoughts?

MrBond's picture

In the context of survival

In the context of survival/horror (where movement is a central limiting/deciding factor) yes, that works. In fast-paced deathmatch and the like, I don't want to worry about whether I'm reaching encumbrance, or whether it makes sense that I can carry 10 billion ammo clips (a la Soldat). So non-realism works perfectly well as long as it still falls within suspension of disbelief.

Hell, some survival/horror might have a really good explanation as to why I can carry so much or so little, and use a different mechanic to provide the tension.