Round 63 - Perpetuity

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14 Dec 2018

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Multimedia version - YouTube

Around the World:  00:11:13

  • Nintendo ending their YouTube creator's program (mandatory 30% cut) in favor of "simplified" / "modernized" general rules across multiple official programs on major streaming services
  • A retailer "accidentally" releases physical Super Smash Brothers Ultimate carts early; pirated copies with deluge of spoilers appears online
  • Valve reducing their cut of revenue for high-earning games; from 30%, to 25% at $10M revenue, 20% at $50M revenue
  • Epic Games no longer actively developing new Unreal Tournament title; focusing efforts on Fortnite
  • Epic Games opens own game distribution store, taking 12% cut regardless of total revenue
  • CAPY Games' BELOW finally released (as of Thurs, 13 Dec), five years after
  • Discord opens own game distribution store, taking 10% cut
  • Super Smash Brothers Ultimate released; online play is typical "Nintendo-bad"
  • More classic NES titles released on Switch retro library
  • Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition launches, with DLSS support; 75% of remaining DLC canceled as Tabata leaves Square to form his own studio
  • Our end-of-year 2018 party is 28-29 Dec, with cool streams
  • PlayStation Classic released, 20 built-in games; runs on a mod of a mod (PCSX ReArmed) of an open-source emulator (PCSX)
  • Walmart takes a crack at a "gaming" PC; cheap, shoddy construction, overall terrible value

Bonus Level 1:  01:07:22

Personal Gaming:  01:17:55

Bonus Level 2:  02:06:03

Ad-hoc Design: 02:18:22

  • Nature-based survival platformer
  • Musical puzzle platformer
  • Lane-based ribbon rhythm game

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Fri, 14 Dec 2018 19:00:00 CST