Journey 2, Episode 4 - Hey, This Ain't the Ritz

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06 Jul 2012

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Intro background: 00:03:25 BB, More Yamasan, Hasake - Ryu's Determination - Ninja Gaiden OST
  • Maxwell Jensen - dev behind Crystal Catacombs
  • Housepets! folks
  •  006
  • Boris, Natasha, and their very-soon-upcoming child
  • Site: slight logo changes; working on stream summary for front page
  • Show: testing Mumble for J2e5; no show next week
  • Stream:new songs lined up for stream
  • Kickstarters: Clang almost funded; Crystal Catacombs fully funded; Jetpack 2 (!!); Dick Figures; GameDock
  • Cisco backs down, drops cloud from default router settings
  • Mobile gaming startup Zipline Games raises additional $0.8M from Seattle Angels
  • Lynx2Games lets you pass along used games for profit: people, in pairs, buy games. First person to receive keeps for 3 weeks and pays 25%, then ships to the eventual owner, who pays 75%
  • Last Saturday's 'leap second' source of all sorts of technological oddities
  • Shoryuken contest produces a 26-button Starcraft II arcade controller built by Mauricio Romano
  • Xbox 360 ban case remanded to original administrative law judge
  • Sony buys Gaikai for $380M
  • EU courts rule software resale is legal
  • Failed Anti-Oatmeal lawyer says 'Mission Accomplished'
  • Kim Dotcom tweets that Mega will return as a free service
  • ACTA struck down in EU; is this really the end?
  • Judge Koh declines to lift injunction against Galaxy Nexus, but Google has a software workaround in the works; Google says that Galaxy Nexus sales will resume next week
  • Judge in Apple patent case, Richard Posner, goes on record, stating 'patent system is a mess'; Apple loses bid to ban HTC phones
What are we playing?
  • Mr. Bond:
    • PC - none
    • Mobile - none
    • Console - Spelunky (XBLA), Final Fantasy 3 (finished), Final Fantasy 4 (finished)
  • Tormod:
    • PC - none
    • Mobile - none
    • Console - Final Fantasy 3 (finished), Final Fantasy 6, Mario Kart Wii
Upcoming/Recent Hardware: 00:31:08
  • SNES ports can be added to Raspberry Pi
  • Japan - PS Vita to get PSOne games, PS3 to get PSTwo games
  • Nintendo debuts new 3DS variants in hot pink (Shimmer) and electric blue (Cerulean)
  • Adafruit's Pi Cobbler breakout kit puts Raspberry Pi's pins to work
  • FCC docs suggest new, even slimmer PS3 in the works
  • 'Xbox 8' tipped as name of next-gen Microsoft gaming console
Upcoming/Recent Software: 00:35:00
Song set #1: 00:43:17
Section #1: 00:57:19 From scratch - platformers
Section #2: 01:36:33 Redux of existing game - Pitfall II, Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure; Donkey Kong Country
Section #3: 01:59:36 Unbounded by technology - the perfect platformer
Section #4: 02:28:13 Rant offshoot - fun
Audience requests: 02:40:20
Outro background: 02:52:55 BB, More Yamasan, Hasake - Irene - Prelude to Dawn - Ninja Gaiden OST


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Who's that Child?

Apologies in advance....
Just had to say - for Boris and Natasha's special little child - who's that child? (Ah..Ah...)