Journey 2, Episode 1 - I Want to be Free

Date aired: 

15 Jun 2012

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Intro background: 00:03:26 Masato Nakamura - Chemical Plant Zone - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 OST
  • Housepets! crew
  • Sir Skippy, who was in the studio
  • _006
  • Boris, Natasha, and their upcoming offspring
  • James and Lisanne: Indie Game: The Movie producers
  • Jim Guthrie: composer for Indie Game: The Movie
  • E3
  • Kickstarters: Neal Stephenson's Clang (swordfighting); Two Guys from Andromeda's Spaceventure; cookoo(tm) watch, competitor to the Pebble e-Paper Watch; Chameleon adaptive homescreen for Android returns after brief hiatus
  • Zelda Reorchestrated finally managed to record their live elements for Twilight Symphony
  • Community dev previews iOS apps running on a BlackBerry PlayBook
  • 38 Studios founder (Curt Schilling) sued by bank for $2.5 million loan payments
  • Possible XBox 360 US import ban (thanks to Motorola patent dispute)
  • Court allows Apple and Motorola to fight each other with injunction hearing, after previously saying no
  • HTC drops federal appeal of ITC complaint exonerating Apple
  • ITC being told by FTC, congressmen, and others to not ban the Xbox 360 after it was ruled that it violated four Motorola patents
  • MPAA "may" let MegaUpload users retrieve non-infringing files, does it for the Armed Forces
  • Stream: actual VG music now! Better scheduling incoming.
  • Site: new site! More content incoming.
  • Show: new content / layout for Journey 2! Keeping some stuff the same.
What are we playing?
  • Tormod:
    • PC: Jamestown
    • Console: Final Fantasy III
    • Mobile: (nothing)
    • Mr. Bond:
      • PC: Jamestown
      • Console: Gears of War, Bioshock
      • Mobile: Cave Story 3D
Hardware news: 00:38:56
  • Leap Motion - Kinect-like PC peripheral, much more accurate
  • Cronus dongle - connect PS3 / XBox 360 / Wii controllers to other consoles / PC
  • New Macs
  • Wii U to allow 2 game pads, but not until "well after launch"; Iwata says second screen nearly scrapped due to price; gamepad confirmed by Reggie to not support multitouch
  • Nintendo focusing on 3DS successor, not refresh
  • 360 now top-selling console worldwide
  • Microsoft applies to patent gesture-based MIDI interface
  • Rascal Micro created at Artisan's Asylum is an ARM-based SOC that may be "25x faster and 1000x more storage" than Arduino; price supposedly between $110-150 in the end
  • Sony kicks off back to school promotion with a free 160GB PS3 or WiFi Vita for VAIO PC buyers, similar to Microsoft offering a free 360
  • VIA Technologies' $49 Android barebones PC available for pre-order, ships in July
Software news: 00:48:01
  • Source engine powering feature-length film: Deep
  • Humble Indie Bundle V - most popular/successful yet!
  • Indie Royale Grad Bundle (done awhile ago)
  • Indie Royale June Bug Bundle (still going)
  • Indie Royale has "collection" page showing all previously purchased bundles
  • Pikmin 2 ported to Wii
  • Halo 4, Gears of War 4 announced at E3
  • Thatgamecompany raises $5.5M to split from Sony
  • Temple Run: Brave mobile game to launch ahead of movie
  • Rage of Bahamut mobile game pulling near even earnings on iOS and Google Play
  • JoyTunes interactive video games aim to teach you to play real instruments
  • iOS 6 jailbreak progress already gaining momentum
  • Minesweeper scratch cards created, let you play a classic Windows game anywhere you go
  • Sony introduces Wonderbook, the AR Ebook for kids
  • New Halo and Gears of War games demoed at E3
  • Xbox 360 to offer tons of new media content, including NBA and NHL TV, WatchESPN, and more
  • Microsoft announces Wreckateer casual game for 360/Kinect
  • Internet Explorer landing on 360 this fall with Kinect control
  • Xbox SmartGlass second screen feature debuted at E3
  • Kinect now has additional voice commands
  • Play Safe for Android locks down phone so kids can safely play games
  • The Dark Knight Rises announced for iOS and Android for summer release
  • Xbox 360 spring dashboard update coming soon
  • Max Payne Mobile debuted on Android on 14 June
Music news: 01:00:43
  • Game Music Bundle 3
  • OCReMix: 10 new remixes since last show
  • Dwelling of Duels: May 2012 (TMNT) finished, Jun 2012 (Town themes) started
  • People's Remix Competition: 219 (Gunstar Heroes) and 220 (Portal 2) finished
  • Portal 2 OST is free!
Song set 1: 01:06:59
  • zyk0 - Rime of the Wandering Seafarer - Legend of Zelda Wind Waker
  • Bryan Garris - Escape Route (Gestation) - Cave Story
  • The University of Toronto 10 O'Clock Big Band - Big-Band Battlefield - Super Mario 64
Segment 1: 01:27:22 Deeper E3 coverage
Song set 2: 01:49:37
  • zyk0 - This Place is Kept by Powerful Gods - Golden Axe
  • Tepid - Joyful, Happy Docks - Super Mario 64
  • Norrin Radd - Demon of Celestial Origin - Contra
Segment 2: 02:09:54 Discuss - better audience interaction (G+ hangouts a probable option)
Song set 3: 02:27:00
  • Vurez - Odyssey Beyond the Falls - Megaman 6
  • bLiNd - Snowbound - Earthbound
  • Cubed777 - Solarium - Golden Sun
Segment 3: 02:40:21 Discuss - new site content additions (articles, discussions, other content produced by us) Indie Game: The Movie giveaway winner: Shifty
Song set 4: 02:47:49
  • Diggi Dis - Battle Axe-Wielding Dwarf - Golden Axe 2
  • B33J, Cerrax, Sixto Sounds, yodaisbetter - Wanderer on the Offensive - Shadow of the Colossus
  • The Orichalcon - Elevator to Hell - Shadowrun
Segment 4: 02:59:37 Music scheduling (moods, times, etc)
Audience requests: 03:09:16
  • McVaffe - McVaffe Quasi Ultimix - Tetris
  • Daniel Alm - In Darkness Dwells - Batman
Outro background: 03:15:03 Masato Nakamura - Oil Ocean Zone - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 OST


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Explanation of _006

Lol - wanted to clarify on my new naming convention. It's still pronounced "Space 006", but I wanted to visualize the space since 006 doesn't really convey whether it's a space or a typo!