Round 36 - Blackout Rage

Date aired: 

15 Jul 2016

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Around the World:  00:09:25

  • Revised Xbox One controller to use both proprietary wireless protocol and Bluetooth
  • Sony settles class-action lawsuit brought after removal of Other OS from PS3
  • Oculus removes hardware-based DRM checks; Revive stops removing Oculus DRM
  • Twitch currently beta-testing full HTML5 stream player
  • SGDQ 2016 - ~$1.3M raised for Doctors Without Borders
  • Xbox One Elite controller is pretty rad
  • NES Classic Edition - official emulation hardware with 30 preloaded games, $60
  • Overwatch gets a new character - Ana Amari, the healing sniper
  • Pokemon Go is apparently very popular
  • Plans in motion for a Zero Hour Productions charity stream - let's put our skills and passions to good use!

Bonus Level 1:  00:47:50

Personal Gaming:  00:59:26

Bonus Level 2:  01:17:37

Ad-hoc Design: 01:29:11

  • Side-scrolling acition platformer where you play as the jerk-bird
  • Fan convention simulator
  • Shooter where you cannot shoot, but must reflect shots back to "attack"

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Fri, 15 Jul 2016 19:00:00 CDT