Round 23 - Live, from Almost Underground

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17 Apr 2015

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Around the World:  00:08:50

  • Nintendo working on new console, code-named NX
  • Nintendo working with mobile game publisher DeNa for mobile titles
  • Atari threatens Tempest 2000 dev for developing TxK
  • Hideo Kojima may be severing ties with Konami
  • First level of Super Mario 64 80% recreated in WebGL, summarily DMCA'd by Nintendo
  • Legend of Zelda Wii U title pushed out of 2015 release window
  • GTA V breaks concurrent player record on Steam, previously held by Skyrim
  • Shadow of the Beast, classic Amiga title, to come to PS4
  • Info on Star Wars Battlefront leaked; possible 17 Nov release date
  • Omori, psych-horror RPG, coming to 3DS / PC late 2015, early 2016
  • War Z renamed for a third time, now Aftermath
  • 2K Australtia, last AAA dev on that continent, closing
  • Dev tools for zombie FPS Dying Light released
  • service cut off in Crimea

Bonus Level 1:  00:45:28

Personal Gaming:  00:52:47

Bonus Level 2:  01:28:43

Ad-hoc Design: 01:43:14

  • Open-world-y, side-scrolling (and / or top-down) shmup
  • Mash-up of simulation and board/tabletop game; player-adjustable factors
  • Top-down procedurally-generated real-time escape arcade game

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Fri, 17 Apr 2015 19:00:00 CDT