Journey 3, Episode 3 - Scopes Up

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18 Oct 2013

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Tonight's topic:  Ideas and scoping


Part 1:  Generating ideas - 00:05:15

  • Write down everything...EVERYTHING.  Who knows what will be inspired (pers: GA)
  • Set a genre restriction and generate a few ideas from that
  • Pull ideas from prior writings
  • Put ideas in a common area so everyone can see / develop based on them
  • Choose something you really love (extend), or hate (improve)


Part 2:  Thinning the idea pool - 00:15:15

  • Merge weaker/overlapping ideas, if it makes sense to do so
  • Choose a few concepts to develop further
  • If idea feels shaky, hang on to it, but don’t develop it any more
  • When one is selected, get behind it 100%...but be prepared to drop it 100% if needed


INTERMISSION:  Ivan Hakstok - Nothingness is Eternal - Kingdom Hearts 2 (DoD Mar 2013)


Part 3:  Allocating resorurces - 00:24:40

  • Base on desire at first; story writers, mechanics design, etc
  • If not all bases covered, split duties evenly, and be prepared to transfer fluidly (pers: business to tech and back; start all at the beginning of story, then migrate)
  • As progress continues, specialize people, but not so much that you leave a field uncovered (for long)


Part 4:  (Re)determining project scope - 00:32:23

  • Great to shoot for big, but be realistic (pers: trim first game from full to prototype right quick...sort of)
  • Cut ideas / arcs dispassionately, but keep them for future use / expansion (pers: expand prototype if the _idea_ succeeds)
  • Base some scope on technical and talent limitations (more on the latter)
  • Trim as much as you feel is necessary, then trim a little more