Journey 3, Episode 1 - Setting Sail

Date aired: 

20 Sep 2013

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Tonight's topic:  Legal Q&A

Episode special guest:  Colin Sullivan, Crowd Counsel

Part 1:  Introduction to hiring a lawyer

  • Trade-offs of time and money
  • Specific issues?  Find a specialized attorney; for most others, general counsel is adequate
  • Can do simple things yourself, but probably want an attorney anyway to assist with formalities


Part 2:  Startup checklist

  • Create a corporate entity to protect yourself and your assets
  • LLC: less complex than a normal corporation, and an ideal choice for smaller groups
  • Formalities are necessary to maintain protection
  • Follow all local and state regulations, and international if selling abroad
  • Set up corporate entity before other entity-related accounts (i.e. bank account)


Part 3:  Intro to IP

  • Patents: less useful for typcial matters, but present for very large / valuable processes
  • Trade secrets: present in almost every field, particularly present when dealing with shifting employee base
  • NDAs: simple protection for confidential information
  • Trademarks: protection for the consumer and the brand
  • Copyright: protection for anything (well...most things) pulled from the mind and expressed
  • Assignments: move everything to the company once formed, bought, and produced
  • Protecting yourself: C&Ds, DMCA takedowns, lawsuits (not a great idea)
  • Preventing infringement with you at the source: be aware of the responses to various IP types


Part 4: Miscellaneous

  • Employees versus independent contractors
  • Cross-state, cross-country hiring
  • Get. An. Accountant.