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A summary of the last two months

Since we went off the air at the end of Journey 2, a lot of internal work has been done outside of radio preparation, mostly revolving around formulating game ideas. Farran, a good friend of mine, and I have started to organize information for upcoming game development in the RPG genre - the genre that he and I seem to enjoy the most. It's interesting coming together to collaborate on content again (outside of the things Mr. Bond and I talk about on the radio show, that is), though I'll readily admit that I've had very little input on the discussions Farran and I have had. All said, I'm extremely excited to keep collecting and incubating ideas, and hope to be more valuable as time goes on. At the moment, I seem to be taking an organizational/project manager role, though I would like to branch into worldbuilding, asset generation (2D and 3D art), editing, music writing, and the whole bit that goes along with creating content for the games themselves. Being a former QA analyst, I have an eye for finding oddities in code, though I also figure that it would be useful to learn a language or two on a rudimentary level, at least so I can look at the code itself, and perhaps even contribute some of my own. These are fairly lofty goals for me, considering they're far out of my realm of comfort, though I hope to progress more down the road.

Perhaps the most interesting part of these new developments is that I now feel much more in control of where things are going - especially now that there's a lot more active work being done on my part. For the most part, I'm planning meetings and dev talks, though a start is a start. The flow of ideas has excited everyone, and it's really great to feel that around me again. Up until recently, Mr. Bond has done 99% of the actual development and upkeep work, so I hope I can be more of an assistance now that Farran and are doing our thing. I'm most looking forward to developing worlds, as I think that will be the most enriching part of this all, seeing as my creative mind has been on hiatus for.. well.. too long now. If I can manage to get myself to think out of the realm of "Hmm.. this can't possibly be a thing because logic," then I'll be all the better off and will be able to make things far more fantastical and amazing!

All that said, I'm glad to be more active now and will continue to work on these goals - they give me something to look forward to every day.
Love and lava cookies,