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Missing an anniversary

Hello everyone,

Can't believe how quickly SQDQ 2017 is approaching - in less than one week, we'll be yelling for HYPE and generally being awesome (read: obnoxious) people raising money for Doctors Without Borders.  A reminder that our (mine and TucanSam's) 2P co-op run of Assault Android Cactus is 03 Jul (this coming Monday) around 2:40 AM CDT, subject to change as the event schedule changes.  You can keep tabs on the donations here:

We'll understand if our run's time will be too late / early for most, but we would certainly appreciate any showing of force before, during, and after.  Tell your friends!  Tell your neighbors!  Tell your neighbor's friends!  We have one active donation incentive to choose which characters we play as.  I won't bother telling you how to direct your money, because I think we all know who the best pair would be anyways.  #TeamAubie #TeamStarch

Apart from SGDQ shenanigans, you'll notice a new entry in our "projects" list - that will take you to the (new-ish) site for Quest for Semi-Glory, the clearinghouse for all info related to my regular streaming project.  After 3+ years (!!), I finally got off my duff to put together a separate site.  It's a little sparse right now, as there is still much info to add and migrate (currently sourced on the Twitch channel), but long-term it will make more sense as streaming services rise/fall, if I eventually make Twitch Affiliate, and just as a generally useful historical landmark.  I use it myself (in chat-only mode) to keep track of everything, but don't take my word for it.

That's all for now.